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Big Music Box touch screen

Everyone knows that playing the right music at the right time helps creates a good ambiance and this is great for business.

What is
It is an intelligent pc-based music delivery system, specifically designed for bars, restaurants and other retail environments. Thousands of tracks and playlists in various formats, in every genre imaginable can be streamed directly or played from a collection pre-loaded onto your computer. Simple to use, with a fistful of features, always offers the right music at the right moment. As interactive as you as could want, and easy to adapt and expand. Compile your music playlist from over 120,000 tracks on the network.

Some of the advantages and features of

  • Full control over the music for your business
  • No need to buy any more CD’s
  • Always the latest top hits
  • Always the best golden oldies
  • Always the widest choice of music
  • No more unexpected costs for music
  • Easy searching with player
  • No more searching for just that one song
  • No more CD's that cause breaks in your music
  • No more CD's to go missing
  • Direct access to the music server
  • Your employees can concentrate completely on their work
  • Worldwide radio music stations
  • DJ MODE for disc jockeys (needs extra equipment)
  • Multi-room options
  • All music rights paid (except your standard SUISA and Billag licenses)
  • Mood music for spas, gyms, commercial shopping centres etc
  • Ability to upload your own music

You can choose the appropriate genre by simply pressing a button on the very user-friendly player interface. The playlists offer pleasant variation without irritating volume differences or annoying repeats. is a proven system that combines unparalleled reliability with advanced software, offering you and your company incredible flexibility while allowing you to stay in control of your music.

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Creating the best ambiance for your business